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omgdressingroom's Journal

Dressing room wow
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It is a dressing room
Hello this is a dressing room please come play in it.

1. Like every other dressing room, no app is required. You just join the comm and play~!
2. Blah blah blah, don't be a jerk or a douchebag or a brat.
3. Script/comment format and paragraph format are both welcome...
4. ...icon battles are also accepted? :D
5. Yeah f'real just do whatever the hell you want--no one's gonna play here anyway--just no assdouchery. If you catch my drift.

If you have a PROBLEM contact me: pant1es and we'll sort it out. My AIM is on my profile, but it is tarastarok, just in case. You can also message me through ~LJ's nifty private messaging utility~.